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Word Of Mouth Both Good And Bad

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 20.11.09 by John Meloche

Word of mouth promotion is likely the most common form of passing on information about a product or service. It can be one of the most helpful sources of advertising for your company. It can, however, also be one of the most damaging.

While it is not uncommon for friends to recommend to each other a favoured restaurant or clothing store, it is much more common to hear people complain about the bad experiences they had somewhere. For whatever reason, people are quick to jump to their stories about the times they received horrible service, were treated rudely or did not receive the product or service that they were expecting.

When a company delivers something that is below the expectations of the customer, chances are someone else is going to hear about it. Author, seminar/workshop presenter and trainer Tom Egelhoff recognizes word of mouth promotion, be it positive or negative, as a powerful tool.

For some businesses, says Egelhoff ? those that are home-based, for example ? word of mouth may be the only affordable type of advertising. Again, there are both good and bad aspects of this type of promotion. As alluded to earlier, negative aspects of a business are usually pieces of news that travel faster than the positive ones.

In addition, Egelhoff believes that when a person is pleased with his or her experience with a company, he or she is generally less enthusiastic about telling the story than if a negative experience was had. ?Negativity is a much more powerful emotion than being positive,? he writes, ?Positive is comfortable. Negative is uncomfortable.?

Negative feedback is often generated when a business attempts to deviate from things that it usually does well. To overcome this, Egelhoff suggests to do the opposite of the ?no comment? approach. Instead, he recommends that business owners tackle the problem head on and go so far as exclaiming commitment to resolving the issue so as to not ?add fuel to the fire?.

As well, it is important to have a happy staff that will support the company and of course, not spread the negative feedback that could ruin the business from within. Seek the positive from the negative, says Egelhoff, and work with it.

With employees exclaiming their love for their workplace, this feeling will soon translate into the moods of the customers. Says Egelhoff: ?Successful businesses know the secret to long life is providing a stable consistent environment for each customer from the counter person to the delivery person. You can't have word of mouth without something to talk about.?

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