27 Apr

Your Business Plan Is Your Future

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 27.04.11 by John Meloche

In yesterday’s blog, we began discussing the importance of putting together a good business plan. When businesses fail, it often has to do with the fact that appropriate steps were not taken to ensure the company’s success. As well, many would-be entrepreneurs have great ideas but no clear ideas of how to fulfill their dreams.

Tim Berry is a business plan expert. We took a look at one of his posts from his website outlining a number of steps that can be taken to ensure that your business plan is a strong one! Among Berry’s lists of factors that contribute to smart planning, is a point about communicating your plan to the people who plan on implementing it.

The points mentioned in yesterday’s blog outline the plan itself. This point, says Berry, is where we begin looking at the management of the plan. Communicating your plan to your team is imperative. The people in charge of your business need to have a strong understanding of your vision.

In addition, your plan needs to get people committed. Berry reiterates that the process surrounding the plan is the focus here. The commitment of your team is essential to carrying out your ideas. Berry offers up his definition of commitment in this anecdote: “in a bacon and egg breakfast, the chicken is involved, and the pig is committed.”

Finally, your plan is “kept alive by follow up and planning process”. As Berry insists, a plan isn’t a good plan if you don’t revisit it with regular review and course correction. It must be flexible and prepared to go through changes to improve it. Planning, he says, is made up of both “steering and management”.

We would like to add that to put your plan into action, it certainly requires time. Many entrepreneurs get disenchanted by the length of the process. For any business to be successful, years of work is generally required. As is often said, “patience is a virtue”. Be patient and work diligently to see your plans through.

As always, we hope that our blogs have been informative and helpful. Coming from a position of expertise in the field of advertising and promotion, Synergy Marketing Consultants works right alongside business owners throughout the country who are still working to see their plans fulfill their dreams.

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